Happy Valentine’s Day

All you need is love...

My heart is hopeless
But hopes
Split asunder
But whole
Wonders why, when, how, where
But knows
Drained empty
But flooded to the brim and overflowing…

If you are in the throes of ecstatic love or one who still dreams, then today is for you:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ask yourself: Will it be bookeeping or love?

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6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. There is this TV show call “This Is Us.” Jack and Rebecca are the father and mother of three children, and they really show what it means to have a loving relationship. Roses and flowers on Valentines Day do not count if that is the only day when people show their love for the people in their lives.

    In real life, that kind of love and dedication is something to dream about, but can never be achieved.

    1. I agree. Valentine’s Day is nice but not very meaningful. For lovers, Valentine’s Day–kindness, thoughtfulness, and deep affection and love–should be daily occurrences, and if they are, then Valentine’s Day is just another day of the same loving behavior.

      I know the kind of loyalty and commitment and sweetness that Jack and Rebbecca share on “This Is Us” is extremely rare. But I tend to believe that if even one person can conceive it, then it is possible. If not for me, then for someone, somewhere…

  2. The problem with love and romance, especially in the movies, is that we are shown how to fall in love, not be in love. Most love stories end at the wedding. The difficulty of love through life is never seen. The better relationships, often have more arguments, passion can lead to discord.

    Men want their wives to be as they were when they got married; wives want husbands to change. Neither is tenable.

    Oh well!💝

    1. Marriage and romance are often confused. They are not the same! And those who confuse the two pay with bitter disappointment, bored resignation, and/or regret. I believe that to fall in love and, more importantly, STAY in love is like winning the lottery. And with odds like that and silly human nature, what chance do any of us really have. Ah, well.

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