Truth: Ugly, Brutal, Real

Ridley Scott’s epic film Kingdom of Heaven (2005) stars Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Jeremy Irons, Eva Green, and host of others.

This is a film about ideas–substantial ones. And it is about truth that is ugly, brutal, but real.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) DVD cover

For those whose minds are engaged in thoughtful considerations, this film’s dialogue is like spending an entire day with a beautiful being to whom you are supremely attracted to but may only engage in foreplay above the shoulders — and nothing more.

It is suffering. It is sublime. It is exquisite.

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Right Is Wrong, Wrong Is Right?

The 2006 movie Tristan + Isolde (affiliate link), starring James Franco as Tristan and Rufus Sewell as Lord Marke includes every single context — loss, greed, the insatiable thirst for world domination, jealousy, sibling rivalry, bravery, loyalty, love, and betrayal — humankind has grappled with since the first human was molded from dust and given the breath of life.

For me, this is enough to make it a perfect film, but this is not where its perfection lies. No, its true perfection, ultimately, lies in these essential questions it puts to us:

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

So today as we laugh among friends and family, soak up the sunshine, grill burgers and hot dogs, and finish it all off with red, white and blue cupcakes, I urge us all to take a full minute — yes, a full minute — to taste the salt from the cries of our fellow human beings who are not as lucky as we and who are still being stomped under the ugly combat boots of oppression, senseless violence, and injustice!

Call to action: Now, let us have a Happy 4th of July!

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