All About Love

It’s easy enough to mouth, “I am all about love.

It’s more difficult to do the labor of love of showing up day after day for those we “claim” are deep within or even merely on the fringe of our circle of concern.

Love does can not stand by and do nothing when it sees a “loved one” too thin from hunger.

Love safeguards the helpless.

Love does can not blithely go on with its own life as if the “loved one” does not exist.

To love is to be active. That means, it often requires personal sacrifice; investment of our time; our sincere, heartfelt interest; and, yes, our money even if it’s but a mite. This is the true way of love and charity.

Actions express priorities. ~Mohandas Gandhi

If we choose to disappear for weeks or years when a “loved one” needs us most or after a difference of opinion; if we idly stand by while a “loved one” goes without life sustaining basics; if we have no interest for our own sake in a “loved one’s” daily or weekly well-being, I have to ask:

Where is all this love?

Here’s a truth:

The words “I ‘m all about love” are soulless, hollow, and worthless if we choose to dodge our moral responsibility of consistent support and if we refuse to actively seek out ways to be of useful service to those we “claim” to love.

Oh, and by the way, in a kinder, gentler world, the “loved one” should would not have to ask.

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3 thoughts on “All About Love”

  1. What is love? I have the perfect answer. Read 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13. There you will find the real true meaning of what love is. After you read it, then tell me if you are all about love?

    • Honestly, I could not live up to 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13. While I am a loving being, I am not “all about love.” I do NOT believe in promiscuous love. To love is to make distinct, to discriminate, to treat special. So if I am not showing up for you, then I do not love you! It is simply not possible for me to love everyone or love everyone the same or to continue giving love to someone who clearly does NOT love me and continually hurts me.

      But I know this: When I say I love you, I try really hard. Really. Hard.


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