And I love him! I love him!

I want you to meet a very important man in my life. From the first few measures, before he even uttered a single word, I knew, I knew, that this was the beginning of a lifelong, beautiful love affair.

It was September 1980. We “met” on one of those glorious, but already hot as you know what early afternoons, in Florida as I was flitting about in my Datsun 210 with the radio on doing what I don’t even remember. But I remember him.

Over the years, he has never failed me. When life overwhelms or shatters my heart, I know that I can turn to him to quiet the ugly stuff that rages inside — instantly.

What he values in song, I value. When I feel misunderstood, he understands. He is solace for me.

So naturally, I want to share this love with everyone. Let me introduce you to my favorite musical artist of all time — the Gentle Giant, the superlative Don Williams.

And this is the very first song he crooned to me:

It’s been over 30 years, and yes, I still love him! And although life has been so very disappointing. Guess What?!

I still believe in music / I still believe in magic / I still believe in babies / I still believe in mom and dad / I still believe in love / I BELIEVE.

Call to action:  What do you still believe in? What musician or song speaks to your soul? How do you use music to soothe when life is just too much? Please share a little of yourself below.

3 thoughts on “And I love him! I love him!”

  1. You have good taste. Don Williams has a silky smooth voice, and one of the most laid back delivery in country music. Rock icon Eric Clapton points to him as one of his biggest influences. I think my favorite song of Don’s is ” We’re all the way”


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