Are You a Warrior?!

If you’re a warrior with heart and soul, America and the entire world desperately needs us now more than ever!

The art of warrior is not to kill but to fight against the forces of evil.

~ Hercules, “Ares”

It’s time for us all to dig deep and find our courageous spirits, strengthen our backbones, and prepare for the battle between good vs. EVIL.

Call-to-Action: Prepare to fight the good fight.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Warrior?!”

  1. I agree! We should all be mad as hell and ready to fight for our lives. Instead, it seems as if we are all acting complacent as if it business as usual. Please wake up!

    • A white man, who I have called friend for half my life, said two extraordinary things to me yesterday: (1) that maybe it is for the best “that man” won General Election 2016, because now his supporters may not be as violent and (2) that he, my friend, is going to maintain his objectivity. OUCH! Well, I guess his white skin affords him the luxury of objectivity. My black skin, my perceptions and my experiences can only be one thing: SUBJECTIVE!

      Consider the pain and polarization and fear that too many of us are already feeling and “that evil man” has yet to occupy the office. Consider the rifts that are forming between family and lifelong friends because of “that man” and his evil platform of hate. Give “that man” a chance to make a naive fool out of me. NEVER!


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