Are you in love?

I love questions. And without a doubt, my favorite has to be “Are you in love?” With the misery of world affairs, the price of gas, and the constant striving to keep a roof over our heads and our tummies full. It may seem like a frivolous question.

But I don’t care. It is not frivolous! It is of the utmost. Because love is the only thing with the power to transform Life from grayscale to Technicolor.

Plus, the question “Are you in love?” is so much more interesting than the tiresome and trite “What do you do?” — unless what you do is work of the heart.

Maybe a few of you out there have actually won the love lottery. Yes, you were in the right place at the right time, your beloved was there too, the stars aligned, your eyes met across space and time, and you were blessed with Love’s salvation.

Well, congratulations — and I hate you. No, not really. Well, just a tad bit. But mostly, I envy you.

However, if you’re like me, you are either still hoping desperately that one day real love will find you and wrap you up in its warm embrace and keep you, or you’ve given up entirely on yet another “silly” dream.

Call to action: In the comments below, share your story: Are you in love? And if not, what are or were your dreams of love?

2 thoughts on “Are you in love?”

  1. I have been searching for true love all my adult life. Sadly I have not found it yet. Note: I said the word yet, because I am still hopeful, I am still looking, and I still do believe in true love at any age.


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