Are You Living in Storage Space?

Look around you. Go to every corner of your home, and ask yourself this one question about EVERY single material item you lay your eyes on:

Is it useful? Or is it beautiful? Right NOW, this very minute–NOT some time in the vague future?

If the answer is not a SWIFT yes, then it is junk!

We must be ruthless in discarding the junk from our past so that we can let white space into our lives today and see an uncluttered path to our future.

Call to action: Are you living buried underneath junk from the past that no longer serves you? Don’t you deserve to live in a space that calms you, supports your present, and reveals a clutter-free pathway to your future? Leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Are You Living in Storage Space?”

  1. This also applies to all the useless men in your life. I consider them junk! get rid of them along with the junk in your house then you will really be able breathe.

  2. I think that one can have stuff and still be a minimalist. Some objects are connected with memories and happy times. I agree that clutter is inherently useless.

  3. Yes, I think less is always more. It all comes down to knowing precisely what we value and only filling our spaces intentionally with those things that support our present and our future.


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