Are Your Standards Solid?

LLJ is resolute. I have known her for over 30-something years! And I repeat, she is resolute. She knows who she is, what she believes, what she will tolerate, and what she finds intolerable.

Her clarity is stunning. She is solid. She is fearless as she stands steadfast.

It is her steadfastness, along with her intense sense of loyalty, that I love and admire most about her.

Now, if you are beginning to think, LLJ sounds like an insufferable know-it-all. I must state that you would be absolutely wrong.

She listens and observes quietly. Then, she deliberates carefully. Next, she chooses a course of action that makes sense to her and is true to who she wants to be in this world.

Once her mind is set, she does not waver unless presented with some damn good evidence to change her mind.

To me, LLJ is like a fierce, intrepid heroine. And best of all, you are never in the dark where you stand with her. You know. You know you can trust her. And in this day and age, honestly, how many trustworthy souls do you know?!

Today, most of us wobble back and forth between yes, maybe, no… no, maybe, yes… maybe, no, yes… with feeble attempts to avoid pissing anyone off. (Stop! I’m dizzy!) This is not strength. It is weakness.

Because it takes inner courage to say definitively, “This is what I believe today” or  “This is what I will stand for today,” or “I believed that yesterday, but today I totally don’t.”

So let us all STOP the wobbling. I encourage us to deliberate and decide with great care what we will stand for, what we believe to be acceptable and unacceptable.

Let us deliberate and decide with all the fairness, compassion, and empathy we can muster.

Then, like my friend LLJ, let us stand steadfast and do not waver unless we’ve been presented with some damn good evidence.

Call to action: In the comment section below, I urge you to give tribute to a steadfast person in your life or to ask yourself: Am I courageous enough to stand steadfast?

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