Beautiful, Successful, Rich, Undressed

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I expect to piss someone off today. And I don’ care if I do.

Now let’s get down to the ugly truth…

Why is that Food Network chef — you know, the woman everyone thinks is so beautiful — wearing a very body conscious, white dress and making like “sexy” as she lies in a pool of marinara sauce?!


And why is a famous, really famous, Academy Award-winning actress known for her very pouty lips wearing nothing but that pout and a naughty sliver of silk?!

Can it get any worse?!

Well, why is Food Network’s Ms. EVOO wearing nothing but a bra, crotch hot pants, a tiny red and white gingham apron with pink bows, and red heels as she removes the Thanksgiving turkey from the oven? And why is she up on the white tiled kitchen counter in those crotch hot pants all sudsy and giggly?

Alright, it officially just got excruciatingly worse!

How about one more for the road?!

Why is there a life-size poster of a rap diva with all three assets on display: back arched and arse out, boobs in your face, and her painted, pouty lips suggestively parted?!

Who Are We Undressing For, Ladies?

This at my local mall: Kids, impressionable kids, go to the mall.

This is ridiculous.

Okay, I am about to upchuck my breakfast, second breakfast, and lunch, so I will stop here.

The descriptions above are just a few of the unfortunate, au courant images from the covers and/or pages of popular men’s magazines.

Seriously, these days, my local magazine stand resembles a soft porn site. It seems like magazine covers are in need of a rating system like movies, R(estricted) or NC-17 (Adults Only).

Unsurprisingly enough, I have NEVER seen any handsome, successful, rich man objectified in the same way.

Even when half clothed — no shirt — there no open crotch, no suggestion of genitalia exposure, no partially parted lips, no pouts, no arched back, no arse shots, no “sexy” come hither foolishness.

And they certainly do not slosh in food because that would be ridiculous, right?!

For example, Channing — the bod — Tatum graced one of the guilty men’s magazines wearing (1) a pair of long pants, (2) a shirt, (3) a jacket, and, get this: (4) a damn vest too.

So, why are women who are considered beautiful and successful and rich willingly getting undressed for these types of photo- ops?


Is it vanity? Is it insecurity? Is it some deluded sense of power? Is it all of the above?!

Here’s what I would like to know…

Where is the power in the centuries old male game of female objectification?!

How is a woman powerful who needs to be always seen as indiscriminately fuckable?!

Where is the power in looking like a submissive, fuckable, blow up doll?!

Where is the power in being used as cheap, disposable entertainment by random men?!

What does it say about a woman whose dignity and sensual mystery is for sale, especially when she doesn’t even need the money or the “exposure?

Yes, these women may be getting paid, but they are not in control.

Ladies, men have won. And we are too stupid to realize it. We’ve been played masterfully.

We are undressing willingly for their viewing pleasure, and enabling their baser instincts, and thinking delusionally that we are in control, because we are getting paid. 

Too many women have drank the spiked Kool-aid, but the truth is:

Real power in any walk of life has nothing prove or expose.

That is, a truly powerful woman has nothing to prove and no desire or need to undress herself in public simply for random male viewing pleasure.

On the other hand, an insecure woman searching for daddy’s or any man’s approval, well, that’s another story…

Call to action: If you are woman, get fully dressed, please! And thank you for valuing yourself

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful, Successful, Rich, Undressed”

  1. This is a great post! I wish women out there would read it. It is time for us to stop the madness. Stop catering to men. Stop the “I need to be sexy shit.” Take a good look at the men around you. They get out of bed, pull on a pair of dirty jeans and a tee shirt and they are dressed for the day! These are the same men women are doing all thesee crazy things to attract.

    Women have lost all sense of modesty. They are not setting any example for their girl children.

    The reason why men do not respect and fight for women anymore is because women no longer respect themselves and they are showing and selling their wares cheaply.

    I wish that I can say things will change, but I would be fooling myself. Most women today whether rich or poor are trying much too hard.

    • Hallelujah! Exactly, why are we trying so hard to appeal to arseclowns, because that is the only men who would find this craziness “sexy?” And yes, what about our precious future, our children? And how is losing our self-respect; our mystery; and the respect of good men become a fair trade for being considered “sexy?!” [SIGH]

  2. Agreed! A woman’s value should not be placed on her sexuality, but on her worth as a human being. This objectification leads to ageism and body dysmorphia in women.

  3. Wow, I guess I have not tuned in to the food network lately. Being bombastic seems to be in vogue in recent years, but you are right that it is different for women than men. I think we do live in very objectifying women kind of world. I hope there is a decent chance for my granddaughter, maybe even her children, but I doubt it. It’s not just one thing, it’s the dismal tide that has been rolling in for decades now.

    • Thank you for your comment, the edge. Sadly, we do live in a world that objectifies women and where women with power allow themselves to be objectified! I do hope we come to our senses for the sake of the future, your granddaughter.


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