Ca-ca at the Checkout

I hate, loathe, despise, abhor, and detest celebrity rag mags!

And for some reason, these ca-ca mags prominently pollute the checkout magazine stands at all the supermarkets in my city. Yeah, nothing like some visual manure to take my mind off the rising cost of eating well.

Generally, I try to avert my eyes from the endless parade of celebrity ca-ca on display. But sometimes, this blogger just cannot help but observe stupid.

In the image above is a recent but re-current ca-ca theme.

Where the assertions on the magazine covers above fall between the truth and a damn lie matters little to what I am about to say, because I do know that the woman featured on the covers above is not the first woman to have her life look ridiculous — and she will not be the last.

And my observing mind wants to know:

  • Why is it always a woman featured on the covers of these ca-ca mags as the one who is willing to do just about anything to “band-aid” her marriage and give the arseclown in her life another opportunity to frack around on her?!
  • How come a man is never featured on the cover of these ca-ca mags in this cliché predicament? Never mind, being willing to do anything to save his marriage to a cheating wife?!
  • Why would any woman think a completely helpless, needy baby — which is just a bundle of stress (um, joy) — will save her marriage to an overgrown man-child?!
  • Finally, why is it that for some men, a woman, no matter how smart or beautiful or rich, is never “hot” enough for him to keep his “it” between her and him?! (Oh wait, I may actually know the answer to this one!)


Call to action: Ladies, are we really this insane and weak? Share in the comments below. And stand up men, feel free to give your two cents too!

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6 thoughts on “Ca-ca at the Checkout”

  1. I hate this too. It may be the worst thing about going to the neighborhood grocery store, not to mention the effect and/or example it sets for kids.

  2. When I think back to the times I used to buy and read this trash, I want to puke. The way women are described in these rag magazines make us look like complete idiots who believes that we have to sell our souls to satisfy and keep a man. When these undeveloped boy-men, who can do no wrong, are put on a pedestal, how very annoying?!

    Women must wake up, take control of their lives, and stop feeding these hungry pirahnas-like rag magazines. Maybe, just maybe, they will find a new feeding ground… the men.


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