Can We Handle the Truth?

Seldom, very seldom does complete truth belong to any human disclosure. Seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised or a little mistaken. ~Jane Austen, Sense & Sensibility

To live a life with honor and dignity, we must tell our truth… when it is necessary and not unkind to do so.

We must tell our truth instead of presenting false images of ourselves and/or trying to manipulate the perceptions of others.

We must tell our truth and not settle for less than we need and be brave enough to ask for that which our heart and soul craves.

We must tell our truth even if it is not tidy or pretty and will most likely cause tension and conflict.

I know…

But is this kind of honesty even a possibility in the world we live?


We must tell our truth so that we can truly come to know each other and therefore, relieve if only for a twinkling a sliver of the loneliness that richly and deeply colours the human experience.

Because the truth is: When we “lie,” we sacrifice our soul.

It is as simple — and as challenging as that.

Call to action: Can you tell and handle the truth?

6 thoughts on “Can We Handle the Truth?”

  1. Well put! However, not every one can handle the truth. Always telling the truth is a sure way of losing friends and family. From my own experience, I have had to color the truth in order not to offend. So yes, always telling the truth does not set you free, but it can leave you a very lonely person.

    • I hear you! And your point is well taken. But when you cannot tell your truth, aren’t you still in effect alone–maybe even more so–and now you are annoyed and/or frustrated too? I think each person, of course, has to decide for themselves how much truth they are willing to share and what they are willing to lose or not lose. But as for me, in general and on all important matters to me, I have decided that others cannot have my soul.

  2. It does take courage to tell our truth, but there are risks involved. It happens so seldom, because we care about other people’s opinion of us. It would be nice to be that free.


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