The Sisterhood and the Choice

We live in urgent times! This has always been the truth; but today, for the first time in history, we can bear witness to the misery of others seven worlds away.

Not only can we read about it in newspapers, books, and magazines, we can also see it live and in color on our TVs at home and in our vehicles; at the airport while we wait for our flight to board; on our smartphones and tablets; at the gasoline pumps; and in the checkout lane at our local Wal-mart.

There is literally no escape from the constant storm of images that allow those of us privileged to live in the West to witness the heart-wrenching, unfortunate, intimate struggles of others, especially of women, girls, and children.

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Why You Should Say No

NOTE: These words were originally posted on January 16, 2015. But they are still relevant today as they were last year and hundreds of years ago. Women, girls, ladies, so many of us still need constant encouragement to voice a strong no when that is our truth!

In the U.S., “No” may be the hardest word to say. If you are a woman, it is particularly fraught with angst. I know where this stems from, but I don’t fully understand why it is still so firmly rooted in our female psyche. After all, “No” is so simple. It’s just two letters and one syllable and can be a complete sentence. Right?! Wrong!

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Grow a Spine and Just Ask

FIRST, let me just say this: I love you Detective Laura Diamond for your “I most definitely got your number, and I am not buying any of your nonsense” audacity.

And when you uttered these words during the last scene in the last episode of season two to Jake (ex husband), my heart skipped a beat or two, and I got to thinking about how a real grown up person should ask for what they want or need.

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