Happy New Year 20!8

Yay! We Survived 2017. Happy New Year 20!8

Hey, you!

Looks like we made it all the way through 2017.

It was rough! But we mustered through it anyway.

So we get to do the Happy New Year dance.

Here’s to a better year, world peace, and all that jazz…

Call to action: Remember to never give up on love and the pursuit of peace and goodwill for us all!

Memorial Day: It’s a Sad Day

white crosses with names of fallen soldiers

In the U.S.A, on the last Monday in the month of May, we take a day to remember… to remember all the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces.

In my hometown, the week before Memorial Day, the local government stakes out on the side of main roads hundreds of white crosses, proudly flying the American flag.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

All you need is love...

All you need is love...

My heart is hopeless
But hopes
Split asunder
But whole
Wonders why, when, how, where
But knows
Drained empty
But flooded to the brim and overflowing…

If you are in the throes of ecstatic love or one who still dreams, then today is for you:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ask yourself: Will it be bookeeping or love?

And here are some other great quotes on this exquisite madness we call love: Love is Magic #1, Love is Magic #2, Love is Magic #3, and Love is Magic #4.

Tomorrow Is Four Years!

rose petals in the shape of a heart and outlined wiht candles

rose petals in the shape of a heart and outlined wiht candles

Sybilla: What becomes of us?
Balin: The world will decide. The world always decides.

~ Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


As my post yesterday stated, I had planned to share a special edition post today.

But I think that yesterday’s post and my latest words –a love letter– deserve to have a wee bit of distance between them; so, please, stay tuned until next Monday, November 21, 2016.

Until then, I wish… I hope…