Ca-ca at the Checkout

Ca-ca at the Checkout

I hate, loathe, despise, abhor, and detest celebrity rag mags!

And for some reason, these ca-ca mags prominently pollute the checkout magazine stands at all the supermarkets in my city. Yeah, nothing like some visual manure to take my mind off the rising cost of eating well.

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Are You Beauty Stupid?

Are You Beauty Stupid

I want to share a point of view with you. But I need you to close your mind’s eye and empty it, if you can, of your prejudices and your perceived “preferences,” and read carefully what follows.

First, forget all that nonsense that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” While there may be a mustard seed of truth in those dull, uninspiring, shopworn words, it isn’t relevant, nor does it negate in any way, what I am about to say.

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Choose to Love Better

Choose to Love Better

What a hateful week it has been! At times I felt buried under a tonnage of stress: taking care of my mum; giving her shots twice a day (yuck!); witnessing her pain and despondency; dealing with my own health concerns; coping with my fears of the future, of failure, and of impotence; and, sadly, having to observe emotional callousness, too close to home and out in the world.

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