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What Makes a Good Feminist?

Bad Femnism

Because certain “insults” against feminism seem dumb

First, let me be clear: I don’t consider myself a feminist.

In fact, I try my darnedest to avoid labels whenever I can. But one label I do choose for myself is that of truth-teller — I tell the truth. And I tell the truth regardless of whether I belong to a particular collective or not. In other words, just because I’m Black doesn’t mean I don’t recognize how mentally ill many Black folks are as a result of living under the White boot of systemic racism. And just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I will give women a free pass to do all sort of ridiculous things.


Why Do Successful, Rich Women Consent to be Objectified?

Women - Sexual - Objectification

As long as we choose to objectify ourselves, human male “pigs” will win and women will continue to be victimized

A lot of men suck.

And let me be absolutely clear on this point: I don’t give three rats’ behinds if a woman is naked in front of a man. If she hints at or says NO, it’s criminal for any man to victimize her sexually.  Full stop.

But in 2021, are men the only ones who sexually objectify women? I don’t think so.