Choose to Love Better

What a hateful week it has been! At times I felt buried under a tonnage of stress: taking care of my mum; giving her shots twice a day (yuck!); witnessing her pain and despondency; dealing with my own health concerns; coping with my fears of the future, of failure, and of impotence; and, sadly, having to observe emotional callousness, too close to home and out in the world.

It has been arduous.

It has been maddening.

It has been heartbreaking.

It has been enough to make this woman almost take to the streets and start S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G!

When we are at our lowest, we all need to know that those who profess to love us, consider our lives NOT separate from them, but tightly intertwined, and that we are an actively included in their daily circle of concern and love for their sake, as well as our own.

The constancy of REAL love is our salvation.

Good love is never too busy and does not make excuses and is not callous. Good love gets up and shows up regardless and especially when it is inconvenient. And its constancy is our salvation.

Call to action: Let us choose to love better.

2 thoughts on “Choose to Love Better”

  1. Thanks for not giving up. Reading this post tells me that you are still hopeful. Know that you are loved and appreciated by many. Please do not change the person that you are. Stay strong and remember your love shows.


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