Is This Our Country’s Future?!

These are my dreams while my eyes are wide open in the wee hours of the dark and the bright light of day.

Call to action: Wake up, dammit!

Here and here are posts that predicted the insanity of our current political landscape and the abject stupidity of too many Americans.

4 thoughts on “Is This Our Country’s Future?!”

  1. I am WOKE!!! So many are hopelessly mired in their lassitude and others in pure ignorance that the thinking can only sigh.

    • James Carville’s father told him when he was a very young man: “Son, don’t get frustrated by stupid people. Being frustrated by stupid people is like being frustrated at grass–it is everywhere.” His words were true then and they are true now! It is so hard NOT to feel furious and infuriated when you see stupid people dragging those who think and are sane into hell with them! Sigh!


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