Every Generation Is Right

Every generation proclaims that their generation is the worst ever. And guess what?! Every generation is correct. The ugly truth is: The heart of humankind, collectively, has always had a deep streak of deceit, perversity, and wickedness.

And today, like no other time in the history of humankind, thanks to the reach, grasp, and speed of the Internet that feeds our insatiable and predatory greed and envy; to various technological “progresses;” and to very sophisticated instruments of destruction with which the most evil among us can very efficiently annihilate other souls en masse, human existence has arrived at a record low of utter chaos, unbearable despair, and unparalleled ridiculousness.

This weekend in the news, in one part of the world, the British royal family welcomed its newest member — a girl — into its inner circle of privilege, while in another distant part of the world Nigeria, hundreds of kidnapped women and children were finally… finally… finally rescued from terrorists’ camps.

When I examine the gross disparity between these two news stories, I can’t help but ask: What is optimism?

For those crushed beneath the lack of to satisfy ravenous consumers;

For those whose hunger will not be fed to satisfy those that know not “enough;”

For those whose bodies are pillaged and peddled to satisfy base carnality;

For those whose spirits are trampled to satisfy those too weak inside or too stupid to be good and kind;

For those who have not the luxury of leisure and stability to anguish over what or who to be or how to choose between good, best, and even better;

For those whose destinies are stolen to satisfy the means to another’s end.

Every generation proclaims that their generation is the worst ever. And guess what?! Every generation is correct.

What is optimism for those who die unwashed, unknown, unloved, without.

It’s for them I despair; it’s for them I grieve, for they are us and we are them.

So optimism may well be an illusion for those of us whose bellies are round and full and whose skin is smooth and cool to the touch.

Call to action: In the comments below, share if you agree or disagree with me that optimism is an illusion of the West? And how do you feel about how Lady Luck metes out privilege or opportunity to a few and sorrow and injustice to, too many?

4 thoughts on “Every Generation Is Right”

  1. Maybe every generation is right, but they don’t realize it early enough. When someone or something other than themselves is priority one, then we take a real look around. All the bad in this world requires optimism to try as one person making a difference — like you.

    • @David As individuals in the West, we are told to learn from our mistakes or experiences, but we often fail miserably at this. Tragically for humankind, we have failed massively globally as well! As for what can turn our world around, honestly, I don’t know. I just keep on living — if not feeling — hopefully.

  2. I never thought of it this way, but you hit the nail on the head. Every generation is right. I believe that mine is the worst. However, when I look back on the generation of centuries past, they also believed that theirs was the worst. My generation has become more savvy technically with what we can create and and how quickly we can destroy each other.

    As for the haves and the haves not, on May 2, 2015, news venues around the world reported a royal princess born in London, England. However, there was no mention at all of the other babies that were born on that day. (I know they were others.) Why it that?! What makes one baby better than all the others, and what makes a baby blue blood when all blood is red?

    In this world where some people have so much, no one should have rounded bellies from hunger, and no one should be suffering neglect just because they are not considered royalty. So looking back in time, I have to agree that every generation is the same.

    • @Agatha Glad I made sense and that I could connect with someone on this. I loved your comment in its entirety — it was a cerebral orgasm. I especially loved these two lines: (1) What makes a baby blue blood when all blood is red? and (2) No one should have rounded bellies from hunger. Yes, ma’am and thank you!


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