Fall in Love, the 11th Commandment

It should be a crime against God to deny yourself love. It should be the 11th Commandment. ~Jane Eyre, BBC Production

Really, is there anything more delicious than being love?! Let me answer that for you?


Today, I’m reminded of a charming movie from 1949 called The Lady Takes a Sailor (affiliate link), starring Jane Wyman and the very delicious Dennis Morgan.

OK, it begins with the typical, impossible 40’s meet cute. He is a top naval engineer working on a top-secret, government mission. She is the trustworthy head of a very serious institute that is in need of more funding to keep its doors open.

She goes out sailing, a terrible storms comes, and she almost drowns. Of course, he rescues her from certain death. But by saving her, he compromises the secrecy of his mission.

To protect his mission, he lies to her, drugs her, and then ditches her on shore. (See what I mean about impossible.)

When she awakes, she tells her story. But everyone thinks she’s gone cuckoo. Her career and credibility is in ruins. So she spends the rest of the movie trying to get the evidence to save her reputation.

After much madcap craziness, she has it! She has the evidence she needs to vindicate herself.

But wait! She realizes as she walks the floors of her big, beautiful, empty house on the lake with only the company of her BFF: She loves him.

Yes, it is a moment of choice: Career/Public opinion — or Love.

As she vacillates, her BFF, played by the delightful, wise-cracking Eve Arden, hits her with the 11th commandment:

Come a REAL cold night — and the biggest business in the world is just so much bookkeeping.”

BAM! Different words but still the 11th commandment.

So I ask you, which will it be? “Bookkeeping” or butterflies? “Bookkeeping” or the ardor of a lover’s embrace? “Bookkeeping” or being flung into the heavens and your every day reality pulverized? “Bookkeeping” or feeling high in love?

I know which one I would choose — what about you?

Call to action: Share your experiences with the 11th commandment in the comments below. I would love to live vicariously through them.

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  1. I would of also chosen the 11th commandment if I was in her situation. Unfortunately, for me, I have never experience this kind of love. True love! However, I am still hopeful and will be for as long as I am alive.


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