Is It OK to Be Satisfied with Enough?

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Dear Reader!

Today, in the West, it seems like so many of us want to be somebody. Furthermore, we want the somebodies we choose to “love” to be somebody too.

And as for our kids, well, so many are feeling suicidal under the enormous pressure to be somebody. And when we say somebody, we mean S-O-M-E-B-O-D-Y. Being a regular anybody just won’t do.

It seems that more than ever, everybody wants to be one of the biggest, brightest somebody in the Universe.

We admire, bow and worship, and are captivated by outrageous success stories. These days, there is a S-O-M-E-B-O-D-Y to obsess over whatever your ambition.

But I have two questions: Is outrageous success a logical aspiration? And does it deserve to be worshiped?

Really, no one — no one — can predict the kind of other worldly success that flings a person into the stratosphere of: The Few. The Famous (or The Infamous). Or the brightest star you’ve ever seen.

So, it seems so fruitless and so sad to judge ourselves and everybody else as if this kind of success is a possibility for almost everyone. Frankly, outrageous success in any field is actually an unpredictable peculiarity, an irregularity. And its “merit” is in its unpredictability and its rarity.

No one can predict this kind of success. No one.

Yes, beneficiaries of outrageous success may put their hearts and souls and everything into an idea or a cause or the development of some talent. (Some just fall into it.) Whatever. This is essentially just placement — it is not, however, the reason for their success.

Rather, there is a huge element of the stars aligning, the skies parting, and Destiny being awake, paying attention, and touching them, as she simultaneously invokes the imagination of the masses. In other words, there is a huge element of timing and luck.

While hard work may be part of the process of success, it is not the defining factor.

We all know that there are certainly more people who work hard and still fail than those who succeed.

And then, there are those who toil at nothing or lack talent and are, in spite of themselves, a bright star among us.

The truth is, so many of us do have smashing ideas or great talents or true hearts. Many of us do toil, toil, toil. And we fail anyway to be one of the few that get flung into the heavens.

Maybe it is us. Maybe the timing is wrong. Maybe the masses lack imagination. Maybe Destiny is taking a nap.


Bottom line: No one knows why some succeed beyond their wildest dreams and others, equally talented and committed, don’t.

So if outrageous success is our goal, we must keep in mind that the only thing any of us can control is summoning the courage to start, the strength to do what we dream of over and over again for the joy of it or for the engagement. Then, maybe, hopefully, if the stars align, the skies part, and Destiny is awake, she chooses us.

And, for almost all of us, this will simply have to be success enough…

Call to action: If someone puts their heart and soul into a plan; work hard at it; and still fail, are they a success or a failure? Is it OK to be satisfied with enough?

6 thoughts on “Is It OK to Be Satisfied with Enough?

  1. I was given a great Blessing. The Blessing is gratitude. It has always come to me naturally and I really didn’t have to work at it. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Lived in a good foster home for 2 years and was adopted at age 9. Again my Blessing was to have gone through these stages always living with my brother and sister. My next and greatest Blessing is to be married to the best woman I’ve ever met. I really won the lottery because Rev. Moon matched me to this Japanese girl and 37 years and four children later. I feel every day is better than the last. I was never materially ambitious. But we saved hard and so have some money, which I had never planned to use on us. So actually in retirement I feel rich. Cause if I want to, the money is always there. Lately I almost feel as if something is wrong with me, cause I see so many people not satisfied. So many people that have no idea about how Blessed they are. Am I an anomaly? I really hope I am not. Cause I feel like life has so much to offer and each one of us has so much to give.

    1. Bruce, thank your for taking the time to share your beautiful story. It sounds like you did indeed win the lottery and you are the wealthiest of men in every way that is truly important: good parents, siblings you love, loving and being loved by the woman made just for you, four children (and maybe grand-kids too), “enough” financial stability, and a grateful spirit!

      Are you an anomaly?! Maybe. Honestly, my story doesn’t seem quite as beautiful as yours — or is it?! 🤔

      I think you’re right: We must all try to stand firmly in a place of gratitude.

      Wishing you much gratitude for this reminder, Bruce. May you continue always to seek after gratitude and find it.

  2. I would certainly agree that we in the West are the world leaders in aspirations of grandeur. It seems to me that if you are a success story in your own family, circle of friends, or community that should be enough to aspire to. Just like the saying “think globally, act locally” seems to make sense.

    1. I love how you phrased it: “aspirations of grandeur.” Exactly. It would be a better world if we did think and act locally to make a difference, rather than aspiring to be SOMEBODY globally.

  3. Success can be attained in several ways. For some people they are in the right place at the right time; for some it is who you know; and for others they work hard, get lucky, and their hard work pays off. Then, there are those of us who work our tails off and never catch a break. If we give it all we have and do our best, I consider it success even if no one notices. To me money does not make us successful. It is the life you live, the friends you have, and how you feel about yourself — that should be enough!

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