Love Is Magic #3

Happy Wednesday!

There is only one happiness: Love. Every thing else: Bookkeeping.

There is only one happiness: to love and be loved.

Today, too much of what is called love smacks of convenience. People shouldn’t be “loved” because they are convenient.

You love someone for their details -- the things that are true of them and only them.

Pledging your love to each other should create something so much more than a sum.

Love requires a new math: We are more than one and less than two.

And finally, love does not conquer all, but it does trump it all!

I don't know if life is more than death, but Love is more than either.

Call to action: Are you loving? I want you to think hard about the act of loving. Today, more than any other time in history, we live in a cesspool of discontent, stupid excuses for not showing up, and downright evil. Yes, a cesspool! And the only thing that can save us is: Love. Love in all its glorious, healing and life-affirming forms. So I ask again: Are you truly loving?

I’m talking about love for the entire month of February. If you love, love as much as I do, check out my earlier posts: Are you in love?Love Is Magic #1Love Is Radiant, True, HopefulI’m finally in love–with my daddyLove Is Magic #2; Fall in Love, the 11th Commandment; and Mommy, I love you!

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