Grow a Spine and Just Ask

FIRST, let me just say this: I love you Detective Laura Diamond for your “I most definitely got your number, and I am not buying any of your nonsense” audacity.

And when you uttered these words during the last scene in the last episode of season two to Jake (ex husband), my heart skipped a beat or two, and I got to thinking about how a real grown up person should ask for what they want or need.

No mumbling.

No hemming and hawing.

No beating around that giant bush.

No candy-coated rubbish.

But rather with (1) clarity of mind, (2) integrity of purpose, and (3) backbone erect, look the other person directly in the eyes and state the truth–and only the truth.

It takes courage.

Yes, this is precisely how a fully grown–and courageous–person asks for what they want or need.

TRUTH: There isn’t time to be any other way. Really, there isn’t!

Call to action: Are you courageous enough to ask with a clear, strong voice for what you want or need? And if not, why and when?

4 thoughts on “Grow a Spine and Just Ask”

  1. I believe that one of the reason why people do not just ask is because they are afraid of hearing the word NO! However, the older I get the easier it is for me to ask for what I want, and if the answer is no, there is no shame in that. It does not stop me from asking for what I want. It only makes me more determine to be who I am, because it is by asking that you receive.


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