Happy Father’s Day 2016!

Moms get so much of the glory–and deservedly so. But, sometimes, it seems that dads and their value is under appreciated and undervalued. And that just is not right!

Because while he does not carry and push life out into this world, a father is also a contributor to its creation — and his continued presence and involvement is essential if the child he helped to create is to thrive, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Daddies are not optional.

A good father stands by his child regardless of what has gone wrong between him and the mother.

A good father does his damnedest to make sure that his child’s belly never cries to be filled and that they have a safe place to lay their head at night.

A great father serves as a living, breathing example: For his son, he guides him on how to conduct himself with decency and integrity in all his interactions; and for his daughter, he guides her on how to know when a man is truly and deeply worthy of her. And you can trust me when I say that these examples are no small matter!

Lastly, a great father is a protector, a warrior, that stands by his child, that walks in step as support, and that even willing goes to hell and back for them.

Today, I want to give thanks to my protector and my warrior dad. I am blessed to say that I know there is one man who loves me more than he loves the air that gives him life.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Call to action: If your dad did even one thing on this list right, consider forgiving him of the rest, and call him up now–this very minute–to wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. I am so blessed to be a father. It is the greatest responsibility given in a lifetime. I am also proud of you and your dad. I love you…


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