Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

To the woman who carried me within for the better part of year…

Tolerated my kicking, my over staying, & gave birth to me…

Then, fed me, nurtured me, & loved me through the helpless & the difficult years…

Who STILL walks in front of me, behind me, & beside me…

To my first & my forever love…

& to all the other truly, madly, deeply wonderful moms out there…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Call to action: If like me you have a lovely mom, be really nice to her today & EVERY day!

P.S. I love you all the way to the Delta quadrant & back, mum!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2017!”

  1. My heart overflows with love and happiness just to know how lucky I am that God loan you to me. Thank you! But know this. I love you more.

    Your Mom.

  2. A mother’s love is often said to be unconditional, that may well be so. I however believe , that a love between mother and adult child based on mutual respect, trust and deep friendship is more precious. This is what is to be admired.

    This is what you have.

  3. Moms are the alfa and the omega. We are both so lucky to have been born to such shining examples of what a Mom is, and should be. I love that phrase Truly, Madly, Deeply!


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