Happy Veteran’s Day 2015!

Here are some wise words from actor Tom Hanks: “I’m glad I didn’t have to fight in any war. I’m glad I didn’t have to pick up a gun. I’m glad I didn’t get killed or kill somebody. I hope my kids enjoy the same lack of manhood.”

Today is Veteran’s Day. It is the day we celebrate both our living and our fallen heroes of our armed forces.

I beg you to let us never forget those that have fallen, their courage and their sacrifice, and to let us keep in our hearts and hopes — always — those who are still serving us!

Finally, I have a dream that one day the only courage our young will need to be heroes is: To every day choose to express loving-kindness to themselves and to others.

If this dream is to be a reality, we must all dream — ACT — together towards its achievement.

Call to action: Remember and hope… And if there is a hero in your life that you would love to pay tribute to, I urge you to leave a comment in their honor.

I’m pretty proud of this post, so check it out: Memorial Day: It’s a Sad Day.

1 thought on “Happy Veteran’s Day 2015!”

  1. Thanks for your always thoughtful words of wisdom. I feel so lucky to have been born in 1960, and not faced with the horror of war. Everyone should thank a veteran today.


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