Hopelessly: Written on the Wind

This is a true story.

and so she let herself wonder
when he said, “I am so very sorry to have hurt you”
and she let herself half-way trust
when he said, “I promise, I promise you I will never ever hurt you again”
and she let herself plunge all the way
when his full lips earnestly graze the sweet spot at the back of her neck
in that moment, she thawed, she melted, she gave in
she deeply needed to feel something, to feel anything, to choose life

but very soon afterwards
their fable of “love” would play out the only way it could
really, as it always had
he would swiftly forget how very sorry he was
his voice cloaked in heavy, utter contempt when he spoke to her
his promises as meaningful as the wind they were written on

this wasn’t the something, the anything she had hoped for

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5 thoughts on “Hopelessly: Written on the Wind”

  1. So many of us women have been there and experienced the constant betrayal from men. And yet we continue to go back and give men multiple chances only to get more of the same crap. Ladies, please let us stop giving these arseclowns second and third chances! Remember the old saying that goes like this: “Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.” Amen!

    • Agatha, amen is right! I really couldn’t have said it any better. It is a mystery why so many of us willing to go back to proven arseclowns who feed us the same lies, the same tired excuses. I think it says more about us–where we are vulnerable and weak–than them.


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