How to Make Every Day Election Day?!

Officially, the United States government has three levels of elections:

  1. Federal (national): President, Senate, House of Representatives
  2. State: Governor and lieutenant governor
  3. Local: Sheriffs, mayors, school board

Unofficially, as citizens of this country, there is a fourth significant and far-reaching election level that you and I engage in as a natural result of living our everyday in a capitalistic and commercial society.

And the good news is that we don’t have to register to vote, wait for a specified date, or go to designated polling locations during limited hours of operation to cast our ballot.

Do you know what your heart values, what it knows to be good and true?

The fourth election level is this:

Now, consider this: Are you spending your hard-earned voting dollars with conscious intention? Or, are you “flushing away” the power of your labor on products and services provided by people and/or companies that do NOT reflect what your heart values, what your heart knows to be good and true?!

6 thoughts on “How to Make Every Day Election Day?!”

  1. Honestly, I don’t know very much about the companies that I spend my hard earned money. Only standouts like Monsanto, or say, the Paul Newman line of products for two.

  2. For the next four years, those of us in the low and middle income brackets should vote to spend as little of our dollars as humanly possible. I believe the rising cost of the necessities needed to survive along with an increase in taxes will make it impossible for us in this group to live a decent life.

    • I know what you mean. I am feeling beyond stressed! And the new administration has not even taken power yet! Those of us who are decent and sane are going to suffer along with the stupid and insane 50% who voted for that arseclown!

  3. The power of the pocket book is key in a Capitalist society. We don’t often think or realize that we may support businesses that are against basic rights and decency and that no enlightened person should support.

    No Chick-fil-A no matter how much you may like it or Hobby Lobby as well as no Trump Hotel or merchandise.

    • Unfortunately, too many of us are too lazy to consider how our purchases reward and enrich the greedy and the evil or how our spending choices shape the quality of the lives lived by those far away from us.

      Thanks for the heads up on Hobby Lobby. I will stay clear in the future.


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