How We Survive the Next 3.5 Years!

My name is Janine and I do not consider myself to be a Christian. I don’t attend services. I don’t read the Bible. I don’t pray.

But I know Christ intimately.

And apparently, according to a poll taken after the fiasco called General Election 2016 that put an orange arseclown in the Oval Office of these United States, 81% of evangelicals aren’t either.


Because they voted into power a perpetually ignorant, hateful, dishonest, greedy, narcissistic, self-absorbed, sexually abusive man-baby.

And they have been consistently voting that way for decades before and ever since at local and state levels out of fear, ignorance, and inability to reason.

Oy vey!

And you know what: There ain’t NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. even remotely Christ-like about that.

It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into. ~ Jonathan Swift

Which is why I am fairly certain that as far as core values are concerned I have NOTHING in common with the fearful and ignorant 81% except that we are both non Christians.

Nonetheless, I have always tried to live my life in a way that makes sense to me–and Christ’s example makes all the sense in the Universe!

Through the years, I have tried to come from a position of goodwill (if not promiscuous”love”) to all men and to be kind, humble, and just.

I have valiantly fought against any hint of personal greed or materialism.

And when someone asks me to “pray” on their behalf, I don’t drop to my knees or “pray” that God will grant them the desires of their heart, because I don’t believe God grants prayers in that fashion.

Frankly, for every “prayer” answered, there is at least two or more, matching unanswered prayer(s)!

What I believe is this: Believing in something or someone greater than our puny existence here hopefully gives those with faith a much needed added layer of strength against the uncertainties and inevitable cruelty of life and our fellow man.

So when someone asks me to pray on their behalf, what do I do?

Well, I ask that their faith is unshakable so (1) that it will carry them through their current struggle(s) to the other side of the darkness and into the light; (2) that they will find comfort and understanding at home and, if not there, then from a loving stranger; and (3) that they will withstand this tribulation and the next and the next… with grace.

No, I am not a Christian, but, for me, there is no better example for how we should conduct ourselves than the life of Christ (please, it is irrelevant if he was real or fictional).

His example is exclusively one of love, not hate. His way supports life, not destroy it. His way provides fertile soil from which life can blossom and flourish. His way is reasonable.

The ultimate lesson of His life is this: If our foundation is built on loving ground, then we can ALL experience a more abundant life.

I would like to believe that His life-affirming approach is something the sane among us can agree is unquestionable–and that we can use to fight dauntlessly for as long as we need to for the future of humanity.

This is my faith and my “prayer” for all of us.

Call to action: What steps are you taking to survive and even thrive over the next few years? Share in the comments below. You just never know who you might save.

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4 thoughts on “How We Survive the Next 3.5 Years!”

  1. I have given much thought on how I will survive the next 3.5 years if God sees fit to give me that time. I will continue as I always have to live one day at a time, because only God knows what tomorrow will bring.

    As for the 81%, the Bible says and I quote, “…not everyone that says Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” Also, we must be aware of those that come to us in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

    Being a Christian is being Christ-like. One of my favorite books is one entitled “In His Steps” I try to channel the life of Christ by walking in His steps during my daily life.

    • I couldn’t agree more. We can only take it one day at a time! And be on the look out for those cloaked as sheep–apparently, they are everywhere, even in Church, which isn’t news!

      BUT I am still reeling from the shock that so-called Christians could find any reason to vote into power and continue to support the current administration! It is mind boggling. MIND. BOGGLING!

  2. Good morning, my friend. Thank you for sharing your blog with me the other day.

    I have been thinking quite a lot about it. It’s true that if we all chose to follow the example of Jesus this world would be an incredible, loving, caring, and wonderful place.

    The life he lived was so powerful and yet gentle. But for me, being a Christian is not just about finding a role model to imitate. Not just about attending a church or reading the Bible.

    This role model, Jesus is alive and well and living in me every day. This the part that is a little bit difficult to explain but is so powerful.

    This Jesus is not just my example and pattern but he is the life force within me. His spirit living in me is real. He walks with me. Talks to me. Guides me. Comforts me. Alerts me. Encourages me. Just to name a few.

    “Christ in you, the hope of glory. And I will be with you always even to the end of the age.”

    Tbc. I love you.


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