I Need to Soar…

Lately, life is kicking me around again. My bones ache and creak with the heavy burden of the business of life.

My heart is exhausted from caring and pretending not to care; my soul, a void; and my mind, a desolate place.


Frankly, I have nothing much that I want to say this week.

So I will take a little time to try to soar above it all and find my way back.

Call to action: Do you ever feel like you just need to take time away from it all as a way to regain your sanity?

7 thoughts on “I Need to Soar…”

  1. Yes! There are times when I have to step back find a quiet corner and breathe. Living life throws us a lot of curve balls, but the good thing is that we can always recoup and come back with a fresh start. Please hang in there and stay focused.

      • I kept thinking yes!!! while reading your post. I’m there, too, and I was just thinking I need some time off. After almost three solid years of working non-stop, by body is both mentally and physically exhausted. We tend to take care of everyone and everything else and don’t save any of the “care time” for ourselves. No wonder we’re exhausted.

        • Linda, welcome to the conversation. I’m so glad you joined in today. Women do tend to take care of everyone and everything else FIRST and, if we are honest, we are spent, even used up. We need to believe it is OK to be human, to feel used up, and to say, “I am so mentally and physically exhausted—and I am taking a break.” After all, we matter too.

  2. A close friend of mine is going on a 10 day silent retreat starting Wednesday. Sometimes we need that space to reconnect to the logic of our existence and the still soft voice of the Holy Spirit that speaks to us from there.

    I am in a state of turmoil myself. I am focused on becoming a better person. Something wonderful is going to happen!



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