I Wonder Why

I know that humanity has always been utterly chaotic, awful, ridiculous and evil too much of the time.

And yet, it seems that I can’t stop asking why, why, why…

Why is life but 70 seconds long
Yet pain and disease a constant companion for some
And Mr. Death mocks us all
Never letting us for a second forget
Forget how suddenly he can extinguish our life’s light
On just a whim, we’re gone

Why do some toil at nothing more than
A sport, a show, a song, a “certain look”
Yet their coffers burgeon with treasure for their puny efforts
Of doing nothing at all

While others toil, toil, toil all their days
Just to keep the wolves of insolvency at bay
Or lay down their lives to serve and protect
Or find value in bringing knowledge to the hope of our future
For nothing more than the jingle jangle of pocket change

Why do we exalt the rich and “famous”
Could they exist without our adulation
Without the pedestal we’ve erected in their honor
Of course not

Yet we pay homage to these “gods” we’ve created
All shiny and inviting on the outside
But black, hollow, even messy on the inside
With no heart, with no soul

Why is love like the breath of air itself
So critical, so crucial to sustaining our very life force
But so many are suffocating
And dying just a tiny bit each day
Way down deep in the secret corridors of their hearts
Where no one wanders
For lack of love—for air itself
Our faces hard, with no hope
Our hearts resigned, bitter, with no hope

And I wonder why…

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4 thoughts on “I Wonder Why”

  1. Wow! Great poem and enlightening post. I am consistently asking these same questions — WHY? — without getting any answers. Like you, I see our world in it’s present condition as as lost cause. People of this generation just do not care anymore. My hope and prayers are that we wake up before it is too late.


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