I’m finally in love — with my daddy…

It all started with my daddy.

If you are lucky, you know who your daddy is.

If you are luckier, he was a constant in your life, preferably in the same home.

If you are luckier still, he was deserving of your love and your adoration — your heart.

Because for a girl, her daddy should be the first man she falls completely and madly in love with and he with her. Daddy should be a shining example for the future of what she absolutely deserves and what she absolutely will not tolerate in a man.

And for a boy, daddy should be the model of what a really good man talks like and acts like and how to treat every woman like the awesome being she is. (After all, it is woman who receives, carries, gives birth to life, and then sustains it with milk of her body.) In other words, a son should always be able to look up, look up to his hero, Daddy.

The simple truth is that daddies often sets the direction, or at least the very tone, of their little girls’ romantic life. And for boys, daddies are the force that can save thousands of broken hearts and shattered lives.

I knew who my daddy was. We “lived” in the same house. And he loved me. And I loved him. But it wasn’t until I was age 47 and he was 78 that I was finally able to fall in love with him.

Call to action: In the comments below share your thoughts about daddy. What impact, good or bad or indifferent, did or has your daddy had in your life?

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4 thoughts on “I’m finally in love — with my daddy…”

  1. Fathers are very important in the lives of their children. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to know my father. I have often wondered if my life would of turned out differently if he was in my life. To those of you who have a dad in your life, cherish it.


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