Irrational Dreams and Delusions

The School of Life is nothing short of brilliant!

Over to you: Were/are you illogical enough to believe, to hope, to dream that you would/will win the Lottery of Life? How is that going for you? Me, not so good. No so good at all!

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4 thoughts on “Irrational Dreams and Delusions”

  1. As we go through our life we have so many hopes and expectations, only to be disappointed when we realized that it doesn’t matter how hard some of us try the sun only smiles on a certain few. I am reminded of a quote that I once saw that is real for the majority of us: Life is a bitch, and then we die. This is the reality for most of us.

    • Yep! I couldn’t have said it any better. Except to add that I am always amazed that in light of these harsh realities, humans still have so much hope that it will be different for their children even when statistically the odds are 1 in 40 million! Ah, well! I guess we must try…


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