Ladies, Find Your Backbone

I’ve been the female victim of “micro” vomit-inducing sexual assaults.

I’ve had my butt grabbed by my barber. My ears have been assaulted by inappropriate sexual references in the workplace. Once, a co-worker jacked off in the elevator in my presence.

Crosby. Weinstein. Gaetz. Cuomo, etc. If these swamp creeps are guilty, they should suffer consequences.

But, ladies:

  • Why did these victims wait five, 10, 20, 30 years to locate their “courage” to say something?
  • How do some women continue to work in close proximity with these despicable swamp creatures and “pretend” that all is well enough?
  • And what about all the unnecessary victims that come after them, because they failed to say something?

Yes, hold these “men” accountable. But we need to also ask ourselves: Why do we lack the strength to address this loathsome behavior in real-time — not years after the fact?

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