Life Can Be Too Much

See the woman in the picture?!

Maybe she is just exhausted, dead-tired.

of witnessing the bottomless barrage of suffering she can’t heal;

the incomprehensible nonsense she can’t grasp;

tripping over the same damn lies, disappointments, broken promises, and heartbreaks.

Maybe, she has had enough.

Maybe her heart, her soul, and her sanity feel the insistent pull to find a vacant corner of our world and to cloak herself in the peace of visual and auditory emptiness and rest — even if only for little while.


Maybe she is you. Maybe she is me.

Call to action: Has there ever been a time when you felt that life was just too much? Do you need to rest a while?

3 thoughts on “Life Can Be Too Much”

  1. Yes! I have felt like this more times than I can count. Sometimes, I just want to turn everything off and just pretend that I am not even here when I realized that I only need to be strong and live through this life, because eternal everlasting rest will come soon enough.


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