Meet Me in the Field Beyond…

We human beings think. We talk. We strive. We judge. We choose. Endlessly.

How do we decide if we should stay this course or if we should choose another route?

And how do we choose who is for us; who makes us feel comfortable or understood; who we understand, so we can woo them and embrace them into our inner circle of concern?

And how do we choose who makes us feel afraid or distrustful or different or better than, so we can drive them out, or even worse, trample them under the weight of our ignorance and our fears and our weaknesses?

Thinking, judging, choosing is part of what it means to be human and alive.

But… wouldn’t it be nice to mute our thoughts; abandon words; and pause the ceaseless striving and judging?

Let’s breathe softly in stillness…

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet each other at the edge of our everyday where the Lord’s earth meets His sky and breathe softly in stillness there together if only for a little while?

Wouldn’t it be nice?!

Call to action: Tell me, do you have a “field,” a place where you can go that is beyond the human situation?

3 thoughts on “Meet Me in the Field Beyond…”

  1. There are times when I just empty my mind and thoughts to everything around me. This happens mostly at nights when I am lying in bed. I imagine myself on a quiet deserted island just me and my thoughts and my God. It is the most peaceful time of my day.


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