One Week Later, Tomorrow

In her 1969 book Death and Dying, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the Swiss American psychiatrist and pioneer in near-death studies, first introduced the idea of the five stages of grief:

  1. Denial and isolation
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Of course, it makes sense that everyone experiences grief differently, moving through all of the stages in any order and some not at all.

But after a lifetime and two campaign years of shocking, disgusting, outrageous, deplorable, X-rated, narcissistic, sociopathic behavior from a certain President Elect (UGH!), not to mention his poor choice of friends.

So many of us on the side of sanity have seemingly with ease leaped from denial or anger, rolled over on our backs, and started singing Kumbaya and wanting him to “succeed.”


Succeed. At. What?!

  • Making the country “great” again–but only for white men and/or the wealthy
  • Building walls at our borders against anyone and everyone who is different from white, wealthy, and/or non-Evangelical
  • Imprisoning and deporting “undocumented” immigrants who are doing the jobs that whites and even blacks are not remotely interested in
  • Grabbing a “hot” woman’s private bits at will because he’s now not only rich and famous, but also President of the U.S and leader of the free world (UGH!)
  • Reversing Roe v. Wade, so we are time warped back to the days of back-alley abortions
  • Repealing President Obama’s executive orders, for example, the one that protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers of federal contractors and the federal government
  • Repealing Obama’s gay marriage ruling
  • Dismantling the Obamacare (yes, imperfect but a start) and leaving 20 million Americans vulnerable to no medical care, suffering, death and/or financial ruin
  • Eliminating any further progress on climate control and possible regression
  • Taking the discussion of improved gun control laws completely off the table
  • Antagonizing our allies with his relationship with his BFF (you know who I mean); oh, and what does the KKK want in return for endorsing him?
  • Turning our real issues and concerns into a reality TV show where he gets to ignore what matters most and use the Presidency as a playground to continue to poke fun at the disabled; women he considers ugly and/or fat; and bully and sue anyone who exerts their First Amendment right and deign to say anything that he doesn’t like
  • Setting himself up as a fascist demagogue, because as he has said repeatedly: “I alone. I alone. I alone.”

This  man who has never sacrificed in any way on behalf of anyone who could not help themselves will be Commander-in-Creep of the world’s most formidable military.

Let me stop here with this mere sampling of his profound absurdities!


So I ask again: Succeed. At. What?!

Here Is Truth

He’s President-Elect. The GOP is now the majority in the Senate, in the House of Representatives, and will be on the Supreme Court! Where’s the f**king checks and balances?!

A zebra cannot change its stripes. If our memories weren’t seven seconds long and we had a intelligent understanding of how this government actually works and could connect the dots, we would remember who the President-Elect has always been and the historical underhanded, political shenanigans of the GOP.

Th results of General Election 2016 is proof that evil can and has prevailed!


As for me, I feel isolated. I am beyond furious. And I’m definitely depressed. Sleep is elusive, my stomach hurts, and food tastes like sawdust.

But I’m in no way bargaining with or accepting the evil that this man has rammed down my throat for the last two years or his hateful brand of “success!”

For those of you who can, well, that’s you.

Postscript: Now, I feel like I’ve been “raped,” so I am off to take a long, hot shower to try and get clean!