Our Tiny Details

She died in 2006 shortly before her 42nd birthday, and I still think of her with love and miss her desperately, especially when I see periwinkle blue or a copy of Cooking Light magazine.

And when I hear Kool & the Gang’s Get Down on It, I can still remember standing at my dorm room window at Florida State University. And I can still see her “getting down” on Landis Green to her favorite song.

I believe it to be true that the most interesting things about another person are the seemingly tiny, “insignificant” details they love–or hate.

And after they are gone, it seems to be these same tiny, “insignificant” details–not where they went to school or what their job title or the size of their bank account–that bring them back to us in technicolour.

For example, here are some of my tiny details:

  • Where is my cell phone … always in the car (I hate cell phones!)
  • My favorite activity… reading, reading, and more reading and stitching in colour
  • My favorite flower… peonies (so lush) and daisies (so simple)
  • My fave sandwich… a golden brown grilled cheese
  • My favorite dessert… the creamy, smooth lusciousness of vanilla creme brulee
  • Three of my favorite foods … bread, European butter, cheese (grilled cheese, please)
  • My favorite thing to wear… always, always, always a very pretty dress
  • My favorite color … sky blue, indigo, and cobalt blue

What I want you to take away is this: Showing a sincere interest in the tiny details of another person is one of the most important ways we can begin to connect and, ultimately, express acceptance and love.

Call to action: Share a tiny–but definitely not “insignificant”–detail about someone you love or even yourself. Don’t be shy!

4 thoughts on “Our Tiny Details”

    • These are a few of the details that make you, you and special: You are as dependable as sunrise–and you’ve always been; you are not afraid to wear pink; and you take such good care of your mom.

  1. I have so many tiny details that make me happy on a daily basis. However, I will only list just one. When I turn off all the lights at night, get under the covers, and close my eyes, shutting off all the trials and sadness of the day. When I drift into a dreamless undisturbed sleep, then I wake up in the morning all refreshed feeling like I was reborn into a new person. Yes, a tiny detail but something I look forward to.


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