Saving You, Hurting Me

A hand rising up out of the ocean with help written on it.

I think it is fair to say that almost all of us are searching for situations, for ways, or for people that make us feel good and fully alive.

And, many times, in trying desperately to find that which we believe will save us and make us feel, we unwittingly or selfishly hurt, even devastate, others.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

All you need is love...

All you need is love...

My heart is hopeless
But hopes
Split asunder
But whole
Wonders why, when, how, where
But knows
Drained empty
But flooded to the brim and overflowing…

If you are in the throes of ecstatic love or one who still dreams, then today is for you:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ask yourself: Will it be bookeeping or love?

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