Why I Write

Why I Write

Writing is thinking, feeling, hurting in print.

For some of us, it takes nerves of steel to write and then publish our thoughts and vulnerabilities and open ourselves to misunderstanding, labeling, and commenting abuse.


White America, This Is the Defense of a Child

White People Childish Whataboutism

It doesn’t matter who helps in the commission of a crime, each offender is still culpable for their criminal conduct

Some white people are sooooo simple-minded.

Recently, I wrote an article on Medium called “The United States of America Is a Felon ~ But Still No Justice for Victims.” In the article, the victims I specified were Africans, Native Americans, and Mexican-Americans.

I knew when I hit the green button to publish that White worms would crawl out of the soil and make stupid comments or cry “Whatabout.”


Message to White People on Responsibility

Message to the White Collective on Responsibility

This is where the White Collective’s “responsibility” lies

Geoge Bernard Shaw said: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Upon reading the comment in the screenshot below, which was in response to “White People, Two Reasons Why this Apology Is Bullsh*t,” I expelled a heavy, loaded SIGH. And then, I was immediately filled to the brim with loathing. Frankly, I wanted to tell this comment troll off.