How to Make Every Day Election Day?!

Officially, the United States government has three levels of elections:

  1. Federal (national): President, Senate, House of Representatives
  2. State: Governor and lieutenant governor
  3. Local: Sheriffs, mayors, school board

Unofficially, as citizens of this country, there is a fourth significant and far-reaching election level that you and I engage in as a natural result of living our everyday in a capitalistic and commercial society.

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Tomorrow Is Four Years!

rose petals in the shape of a heart and outlined wiht candles

Sybilla: What becomes of us?
Balin: The world will decide. The world always decides.

~ Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


As my post yesterday stated, I had planned to share a special edition post today.

But I think that yesterday’s post and my latest words –a love letter– deserve to have a wee bit of distance between them; so, please, stay tuned until next Monday, November 21, 2016.

Until then, I wish… I hope…