Message to White People on Responsibility

Message to the White Collective on Responsibility

This is where the White Collective’s “responsibility” lies

Geoge Bernard Shaw said: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Upon reading the comment in the screenshot below, which was in response to “White People, Two Reasons Why this Apology Is Bullsh*t,” I expelled a heavy, loaded SIGH. And then, I was immediately filled to the brim with loathing. Frankly, I wanted to tell this comment troll off.


We Shall Outlast

We Shall Outlast Injustice

Being human is not for sissies. And being a Human of Color is definitely not for sissies with a faint heart.

For centuries, we have navigated being human in a system designed to exclude, undermine, and demolish our humanity, our mental health, and even our right to breathe.


COVID-19 Go to Hell: 5 Reasons to Mask Up

5 Reasons Why I'll Be Masking Up Indefinitely

It’s a COVID-19 jungle out there — and poison is in the air we need to breathe

How much needless suffering and dying is enough? Why are we allowing COVID-19 to outwit us?

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of people have endured extended suffering and are eternally dead from COVID-19! And this tragedy is still in progress. Furthermore, health care workers are overworked and traumatized; millions of people are unemployed; homelessness is an impending fright for many of us; and hundreds of companies and businesses — small, medium, and large — are extinct.