Priced Above Rubies

A new year is almost upon us, so I think it is the proper time to decide what our value will be in the coming year and thereafter.

Let’s talk about your heart, your body, and your self; about you deciding your own worth, and then only sharing the most precious parts of your SELF with those who have proven themselves worthy of the gift of you.

It’s about being so strong mentally and emotionally that when life makes you feel desperate – and it will – with missing in action dads, I’m not pretty/talented/young/smart/rich/whatever enough, and so forth. It’s about being strong enough and powerful enough to choose from a position of strength, not desperation or pain or hopelessness.

I believe that we women are the key to a better, kinder, gentler world. But only if we DECIDE to no longer throw away our power on the worthless. So if you do nothing else this year, remember that you are worthy! And then, honor that with all your heart, mind, and body. That’s an order!

Think about your life past, present, and future and answer the following with an open heart:

  • Where have you cast your rubies before swine?
  • What state of mind allowed that to happen?
  • How can you love yourself enough to honor your value, starting today?
  • Are you strong enough to patiently wait to share your valuable self with those who have proven themselves worthy?
  • And if not, what steps can you take right now to start strengthening your inner self?

Call to action: Everyone, this idea of valuing our selves is uber important! So please join the conversation and share your wisdom, your journey with everyone on what has worked for you in “pricing your SELF above rubies!”

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