The Purchasing Power of Success

And while money seemed to be the focus during my early pursuit, it became my furthest concern over the past several years. Interestingly, success has a way of prioritizing what drives us. ~ Dale Partridge

No disrespect, but…


Here’s a truth: It is more accurate to say that financial success has the potential to free one mentally and emotionally from stressing over the mundane realities of life, such as

  • how to stay safely sheltered from the elements;
  • how to keep hunger from our doorstep;
  • how to gain and keep affordable good health care;
  • how to maintain our vehicles in good repair and gassed up; and
  • how to please a boss who simply cannot be pleased or who demands more of our life’s energy, if not our soul, than they should.

Quadruple this stress if we have to provide for a family too.

Cosimo de’ Medici, head of the Medici banking family during the Renaissance, had the right idea. If you want great works of art or thought, support it with your dollars.

Frankly, it is not hard to understand how we might lose sight of our priorities, compromise our values, or lack creativity, because a huge chunk of our mind share for the greater part of every single day is dedicated to the hard, relentless realities of financing the ever rising costs for the privilege of living.

The only people who ever make statements like the one quoted above are those who have found a way as a result of sheer will or application, timing, and/or very good fortune to achieved a healthy financial bottom line and consequently, free their mind.

Once the mind is free from the mundane realities of surviving the basic requirements of life, of course, it makes sense that it is undemanding to focus on our priorities, stand steadfast by our values, and find our creative spark.

So, if you are still trying, trying, trying, keep trying but cut yourself some slack.

Good Tip: And if you ever have to choose between your roof and your vehicle, keep the vehicle! At least you can live in it and still go to a job.

4 thoughts on “The Purchasing Power of Success”

  1. It does seem a shame that the pursuit of money drives our world. It allows us as you say the privilege of living. I wish it were otherwise.

    • Here’s to the 24th century! Since robots and micro computers will replace people, we are going to have to change the entire exchange system. Sadly, I won’t be here to see that! Of course, this is assuming we survive the next four years with that asshat, his children, and his cabinet in the Oval Office.

  2. There is a saying: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Although that may be true if one does not have money, they are considered a failure. I look at money as something we have to have to be able to survive in this world. However, I strongly believe that if we are blessed with a lot of money whether it is inherited or earned by hard work, it should not be hoarded. We do have an obligation to help those that are less fortunate that we are.

    For a country like America where there are so many riches, there are far too many hungry and homeless people on our streets.


    • It is a shame that in a country like America with its inflated ego of being “The Best” we cannot figure out how to solve our soical issues. In the end the social problems boils down to this: color vs. white and penis vs. vagina! We are still so stupid and delusional that half the population decided to frack the other half and the world by electing that asshat and his family to highest office in the land.


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