Is the Rant Earned

Some rants are earned and well-deserved.

The human ego is fragile — it can make “sense” to censor our outrage. Certainly, less exhausting.

Evil, selfishness, stupidity, and spinelessness are recurring regulars on the world stage.

People are dying. People died. Others sacrificed and sacrifice. Change is slow if it comes at all to stay. “Soft” talk fails, too.

My first reaction is not to dismiss a rant. Instead, I ask:

  • Is this a topic I care about?
  • Why do they care so much?
  • Is there any truth in the rant?
  • Is the issue a long-standing one?

I don’t advocate for violence, nor are all rants worthy.

It’s OK not to rant; however, if a well-deserved rant shows up, is it authentic to stifle it?

Haven’t eternal injustices, stupidities, and cruelties earned a rant or two?

The right course of expression isn’t always to fade it. Maybe, some rants are worth a read/listen.

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