Saving You, Hurting Me

I think it is fair to say that almost all of us are searching for situations, for ways, or for people that make us feel good and fully alive.

And, many times, in trying desperately to find that which we believe will save us and make us feel, we unwittingly or selfishly hurt, even devastate, others.

Oftentimes, we hurt those who least deserve it.

When we connect with others, a crushed and disappointed heart may be the price we pay. It is always a gamble.

But choosing to entwine our lives with others, to connect, always, always, always comes with the potential to be a sucker of emotional warfare.

I know this intimately.

You probably do too.

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6 thoughts on “Saving You, Hurting Me”

  1. In connecting with others, there is great risk of getting hurt or hurting others. I do think the risk is worth it though. We need each other and want to be understood by those we love. Funny, in a world never more connected we have never been more disconnected.

  2. This is so powerful! And I agree. However, we have to keep trying to connect with other people, because we never know when someone will reach out and give us a lending hand. So I do believe that it is worth the effort.


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