Rich People in Space Is Just Proof of Our Arrogance

I’m not happy about William Shatner’s space voyage even though Star Trek: The Original Series is my favorite TV series of all time.

In fact, I don’t give two rats’ behinds about any of the super-rich idiots or ordinary folks traveling into space.

Here’s why — 

We refuse to care for our planet home.

We refuse to respect or care for each other.

We believe and act as if only our personal needs or life experiences matter.

If you’re not first, you’re last. ~ Stupid bumper sticker sighted

And the super-wealthy refuse to pay taxes and insist on hoarding goodies.

Yet, we’re ready to sprint into space and spread our evil dysfunction and lack of respect for our planet and each other throughout the Universe.

This latest rash of space travel is our Tower of Babel. BUT, sadly, there’s NO higher force smothering the spread of our arrogance.

2 thoughts on “Rich People in Space Is Just Proof of Our Arrogance”

  1. We cannot take care of our planet earth, yet the filthy rich want to go to another planet so that they can frack up too. Go figure.


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