How I Found Self-love in a Shoe Store

The Universe can reach out to “hug you anytime, anywhere

One such moment happened in the most unlikely of places — a shoe store. An unexpected exchange between an agent of the Universe paved the way for this woman to finally embrace her truest nature — without apology.

It’s Just Shoes, Right?

Years ago, I went shopping to replace a pair of lovely, navy slingbacks I had bought the season before and wore until my two big toes were surfing the pavement.

So, I decided to return to the shoe store where I originally bought my slingbacks. I place the beaten-up shoes in my car and off to town I went.

On my way there, I hoped I would get lucky and be able to replace my beloved, worn-out slingbacks with an exact copy of the same.

Honestly, I hoped–but I did not feel hopeful.

Now, I can hear you all thinking: Is she for real?! What’s the big deal? It’s just shoes.

Well, the big deal was that at the time I only had two pairs of shoes to my name. Yes, two.

Why you ask?

Well, the short answer is I’m picky.

And the long answer: Because for me shoes had to be all of the following: pretty, feminine, stylish, very reasonably priced, and comfortable. Price, comfort, and style were non-negotiables! And those slingbacks were all that!

It Happened in a Shoe Store

Sadly, Lady Fortune had business elsewhere that day. The shoe saleslady was kind as she delivered the bad news. My hopes were not to be satisfied. A season had passed since I had made the original purchase. Those slingbacks were over and out.

Upon hearing this, I felt a little frantic as I wondered how I would “dress” my feet in cuteness and comfort for work the next day.

The saleslady probably sensing my disappointment and panic asked, “Is there anything else I can show you?”

Frankly, I already knew the answer to this was no. But I inhaled, exhaled, and decided to keep an open mind.

Selling Shoes and Self-Love

With patience and empathy, the saleslady did her best to find a pair of slingbacks I could fall in love with.

You see how picky I am about my shoes, and those only go on my feet.

Cher, Clueless

But in a store brimming with shoes of all styles and colors, there was not one single pair that appealed to my sense of style and my need for comfort. Nothing made me swoon.

I felt difficult and foolish for not liking anything in a store bursting with choices. Finally, I decided to stop wasting her time and be on my way. So I said apologetically, “I guess I’m just too picky.

And then, she uttered words so simple, so profound, so priceless. To this day, when I need a swift kick to remind myself to fully embrace me, I still turn to the moment that follows:

The details of her face have long faded from my memory. But, strangely enough, I can still see her warm, matter-a-fact, and sincere expression as she said and I quote: 

You’re not picky. You’re simply a woman who knows exactly what she wants.

In that moment, a dark corner of my mind became flooded with light and understanding of self.

In that moment, my heart embraced me, completely.

In that moment, her words became permanently etched on my heart and mind.

Yes, in the middle of a shoe store, a saleslady changed my life with two short sentences. She taught me how to embrace all that makes me, me.

That day, I learned to stay aware and open to the wisdom of the Universe. Because you can “find” yourself anytime, anywhere — even in the middle of a shoe store.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with taking your time in deciding what you want or who you want to be apart of your life. Very refreshing read.


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