The Sisterhood and the Choice

We live in urgent times! This has always been the truth; but today, for the first time in history, we can bear witness to the misery of others seven worlds away.

Not only can we read about it in newspapers, books, and magazines, we can also see it live and in color on our TVs at home and in our vehicles; at the airport while we wait for our flight to board; on our smartphones and tablets; at the gasoline pumps; and in the checkout lane at our local Wal-mart.

There is literally no escape from the constant storm of images that allow those of us privileged to live in the West to witness the heart-wrenching, unfortunate, intimate struggles of others, especially of women, girls, and children.

And because we can bear witness, a gauntlet has been thrown at our feet.

Sisters of the West, we did not ask for the gauntlet, but none the less, it is ours.

And if you are a woman who has the good fortune to be living in the West, you have a responsibility to accept the challenge.


Because you are alive… you are human… you are woman… the Universe is pleading… and why not?

And who are you responsible to?

Well, you are responsible to:


Yes, you. Because our individual choices have weight and reach, even when we cannot see it or touch it. Furthermore, a wise choice has the potential to come back and sprinkle blessings where it first took root.

The Future: Your Children and the Children of the World

The next generation can use the rich compost that our wise choices will leave behind to regenerate, to grow, to nurture, and to thrive into perpetuity. This is a very good thing.

Emily Davison, Malala, and Many Others

Emily Davison did not throw herself under the pounding hoofs of the King’s horse in 1913 so that we women and girls of today can squander our choices on the worthless.

And then, there is Malala Yousafzai, who became one of the bravest “woman” ever at the young age of 12, when she picked up the gauntlet. Read her stirring story here and here and be ready for your heart to be opened.

 The Worldwide Sisterhood

For all the women and young girls in Africa, the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, and too many other places across our seven continents, who at this very moment are being sold into marriage or on the open market, raped in their homes or some stinking alley or brothel, and/or oppressed under the black boot of an ignorant patriarchy that finds zero value in them and tramples their spirit and their pearls with impunity.

Yes, make the wise choices they cannot make–not because they do not want to or because they are frivolous–but because they are denied the option by oppression.

The Gauntlet

Kermit the Frog made a career lamenting the difficulties of being green. Well, he should try being a woman. There is nothing harder.

Women have been tyrannized in every way since the beginning of humanity… and we are still being tyrannized thousands of years into the future.

We sisters of the West must bend down now and pick up that gauntlet, and we must remain forever vigilant.

And when we have choice, we must choose wisely–as if the sisterhood depends on it, because it does.

We must choose wisely–even when our souls and bodies cry out in the dark for comfort and understanding and all we find is loneliness.

We must choose wisely–and demand that arseclowns climb up, up, up to meet and exceed our high standards.

We must choose wisely–if this world is ever to be a kinder, gentler place for both men and women and our children.

We must choose wisely–if there is ever to be a time in history that every woman in the sisterhood prevails, grows in strength, thrives, and becomes the true director of her history, her present, and her future.

Listen, our acceptance of responsibility is grossly overdue! It is urgent. The time is now!

I urge all the women of the world–who have it in their power–to pick up the gauntlet and make it clear to the world:

We will not be anybody’s second choice.
We are first choice. We are first choice. We are first choice.

Yes, it is a tremendous challenge… but we are at war with “things as they are” and our mighty sword is our collective choices.

Call to action: All women and the real men who love us: Do you believe our individual choices have weight (power)?

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4 thoughts on “The Sisterhood and the Choice”

  1. Basic human rights for women should be a given, but sadly, this not the case as you so eloquently point out. It is up to us, in the privileged West, to lead the way. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Since the beginning of time, women have been looked upon as the weaker link in comparison to men. The men were warriors and women their playmates to use and cast aside as they see fit. As we travel through time to our current century not much has changed. Women are still seen as the lesser of the two sexes.

    Emily was and Malala is an exceptional women. They did picked up the gauntlet and ran with it. If we women are to succeed in this world we have to persistently let our voices be heard until the world stops and listens. We want to be respected, we want equal pay for performing the same job, and when we say no, it means NO. We will not be used as dishrags and tossed aside. We are here and we will not be invisible because we are women worthy of note and we have a voice.

    • I believe the sisterhood can be the key to a kinder, gentler world. But women have given up our power for cheap compliments from and the even cheaper fickle attention of silly, worthless arseclowns. It makes me sad that we spend so much time and money on makeup, push up bras, padding our arses, stripper shoes, fake hair, plastic surgery, and perfecting our pouts so that we can look “sexy” and appeal to a worthless man. Because ANY man who finds any of this sexy is just that: a worthless arseclown! What we need is not a better mascara or ruby red lips or arse augmentation, but to refocus on what is really important: (1) the strength of our collective choices and (2) the content of ours hearts and characters.


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