So Much Nothing!

Am I the only person, who thinks there is way too much nothing going on in our world today?

So many — a lot — nothing books… Everyone Is Italian on Sunday by Rachael Ray comes out later this month. I have to ask: Do we need yet another cookbook on how to cook pasta and tomato sauce?! Do we?!

So many noisy, ridiculous nothing movies… Yes, I am looking at you Fast & Furious 8, Iron Man 3, et al...

So many inane, vapid, dull, tedious nothing TV shows… Really, why the frack is everyone desperately keeping up with all these silly women on reality TV shows still? Why?!

So many g-d awful nothing magazines… Seriously, do we need another “revolutionary” how-to on getting the holy grail of fitness, a flat tummy?! And why does a certain section of my local magazine stands resemble a porn site?!

So many truly horrible song lyrics like “But you wanna say no… What do you mean? Hey… When you don’t want me to move… But you tell me to go… What do you mean?” and so forth, ad nauseam.

This is the load of ca-ca that sits at #2 this week on Billboard Top 100 Songs.

So many conversations about nothing—the weather is, well, the weather—when there are so many important thoughts, ideas, and feelings that need to be shared…

And saddest of all, so many people, who are about nothing… no decency, no integrity, no character… Nothing!

What are you about? Nothing or Something?

Oh, the dreck… the dreck… And because I like threes, I’ll say it again: the dreck!

What I know is this: What the world needs desperately right this minute is more people who are actively committed to daily choices and behaviors that will better them mentally, emotionally, and, most of all, spiritually as individuals—and as a natural consequence, better civilization as a whole.

Call to action: Are you feeling me? Am I asking too much?

6 thoughts on “So Much Nothing!”

  1. I am gay. Being both homosexual and gay has been a huge gift for me. And though it has hurt a lot, I offer sincere thanksgiving for the pain.

    Being gay is not the best or most important thing the world needs to know about me. Being gay has blocked me from experiencing the divine feminine to its fullest extent. This is a sadness that I feel like I will never heal.

    I am seeking how to be the best person I can be. I want to be the most perfect expression of Love that my body and soul can be. In that seeking, I receive inspiration from so many people. You each know who you are. There are so many lesson deeply felt.

    I am on a mountaintop of joy, but there is pain here too. Oh God! So much pain. At the summit I see it is the very pain God suffers for all that is loved. This divine passion and pain is how we create together this Universe of meaning that we share. And because pain is here, and there, and everywhere, the whole of creation is in agony; so we must treat one another with tenderness.

    • Alexi, you’ve shared a lot about your pain here today. Thank you for your bravery. And although none of us go unscathed in life, I’m sorry so much pain has visited you. You’re right! We do need to make it a point to treat each other with tenderness. I wish you much tenderness as you continue on your journey to be the most perfect expression of Love that your body and soul can be. It is a worthy aspiration!

  2. I know what you mean, Janine. It seems that the most important thing in life is to be entertained and/or amused. We Americans certainly are the pace setters in creating all this nothingness. Maybe this election year ahead of us will make us pause and think about what is really important.

  3. It seems as if we have done everything there is to do in our world today. There is nothing new to offer, so we continue to do over and over things of the past. Eventually, they have gotten old. Movies, songs, and marriages are all tiring reruns. The fact is there is nothing new. We have done it all; and it does seems as if it is all for nothing and in the end we all die.

    • You’re right, there is nothing new under the sun. And the the re-runs are typically not even as good as the originals. It seems to me that there is probably an inspired way to approach anything, but —and it is a big BUT— it requires there to be something inspired in us. And sadly, with all of our advancements, we still have not figured out how to care enough to reach deep inside ourselves to find and express something that matters.


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