How “Social Viruses” Originated, the Manifestations, the Prognosis, and the Treatment

We’re surrounded on all sides by “social viruses” and they’re killing us

Humanity is infected with numerous killer “social viruses.” With our permission and support, these “viruses” have been allowed to spread and mutate.

Humanity is dying. We’re dying, one by one, human group by human group.

If you haven’t heard of these “social viruses,” then stick around and hear me out. Honestly, it’s hard to decide with which “social virus” to begin our list!

Because there are so many of them–and they are all equally and potentially deadly! In fact, they’re intertwined–simultaneously feeding off and feeding each other.


I suppose it doesn’t matter where we start. Frankly, mankind has always had an evil streak. However, in recent times, the growth of the “social viruses” I am about to share seem to have accelerated at abnormal rates.

Each “social virus” is taking over our minds and hearts; mutating into reason-resistant strains; and inhibiting our ability to care about anyone who doesn’t fit our paper-thin definition of human.

Or, maybe it isn’t acceleration but regression to a second Dark Ages. You know the period in history devoid of intellectual and cultural developments and marked by cultural, economic, and demographic deterioration. In other words, a pretty sh*tty and grimy time in the history of mankind.

So here are the “social viruses” listed in no particular order of importance:

  • the virus of intolerance;
  • the virus of stupidity;
  • the virus of illogic and reasonless;
  • the virus of regression;
  • the virus of insanity;
  • the virus of selfishness;
  • the virus of greediness; and
  • the virus of the zero sum game

Still can’t “see” it?! Well, give me a minute to turn up the lights a bit in here. OK, for example:

COVID-19 revealed this: Too many of us care nothing for truth, facts, or public health. In other words, we cannot “taste” the salt in the tears of another human being. So many of us don’t seem to care who suffers, who dies, or who sacrifices as long as we get to live maskless, selfish, delusional lives.

And too many of us care nothing for our home planet–or for future generations. You know, the children who we “claim” to love more than ourselves. Seriously, have you taken a whiff of that stuff you pump into your vehicles?! Nothing that smells that vile can be good for the planet. Just sayin’.

And then, there are those who scream “if you aren’t white like me, male like me, straight like me, etc.,” then you’re an unsavory and disturbing element who must be kept in line or expunged. Those fools still can’t understand that the lack of biodiversity is not life–but death to us all. Plus, it’s just boring as hell.

And this is just for starters. We could be here all the way into the next year if we had to list all the micro and macro crimes we humans commit against each other and ourselves.

These “social viruses” have been allowed to grow unchecked and unbridled. We’re now programmed for multiple extinction level events.

Whether we choose to embrace the truth of how we got here and how we stay stuck in the darkness, or we choose to pretend “it can’t be” or cry “it’s a conspiracy,” humanity is on a ventilator, gasping for a forceful breath of change.

But STILL too many of us are still holding onto the blind twin beasts called denial and delusion and the idea that life is a zero sum game.

So how did humanity — we — become “infected” with so many curable — but incurable — “social viruses?!”

Hey, I don’t have all the answers. After all, I haven’t been here taking notes since early humans decided it might be more comfortable to walk upright. But maybe it went like this…

Courtesy of Pixabay

intolerance, insanity, greed, stupidity, reasonless, selfishness, racism, sexism, elitism, zero sum theory

Patient zero
Probably Cain

12+ years indoctrination in the school system of disinformation and membership in socially illiterate, unenlightened families and communities (except for Cain–he was just born bad, I guess)

Possible Manifestations

  • engaging in any -ism, such as racism, sexism, elitism;
  • homophobia;
  • religious intolerance;
  • worshiping at the altar of greed;
  • executing cons and grifts on members of the human community;
  • erecting physical, emotional, and psychological walls between human groups;
  • lacking empathy for others;
  • inhibiting the growth and progression of humans found different or unacceptable;
  • killing humans found different or unacceptable;
  • enabling and celebrating injustice; and
  • voting for deceitful, delusional, debauched political leaders

Other possible complications
Narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy, paranoia

It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

~ Jiddu Krisnamurti

Is It Contagious? 
Yes, but it doesn’t have to be

pandemic and endemic

incurable to date; terminal unless

The emperor is naked!

~”The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen

Terminal unless we have the will, the strength, and the wisdom…

  • to reason based on facts and truth;
  • to exercise human decency on the behalf of all;
  • to care deeply about every human being breathing and thriving;
  • to ACTIVELY right wrongs, smother evil, and the kick the legs from under insanity
  • to never become apathetic and rationalize doing nothing
  • to never vote for the needs of the few or the one, but rather to consider everyone, everyone

If we do this, starting today, maybe we might just save ourselves and the world.

6 thoughts on “How “Social Viruses” Originated, the Manifestations, the Prognosis, and the Treatment”

  1. Right on point as usual! You did forget one of the biggest viruses, the ” social media virus”. People are detached and addicted to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You could do a whole blog on that!

    • Thanks, Jeffrey. That’s a great idea. I did forget the 21st century #1 mode of disinformation. I understand the appeal of social media. I even find aspects of it appealing. And I find it loathsome too.

  2. I agree with Jeffery. Bet you’re already writing your next blog concerning Social Media. Personally I’m on Facebook but bypass any post dealing with politics.


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