Do You Want to Be “Somebody?”

Good *luck* with that

In the West, most of us dream of being somebody. Because being a regular anybody just won’t do.

And whatever your ambition, there’s a super successful somebody to obsess over.

But no one can predict the kind of otherworldly success that flings a person into the stratosphere of — the few.

So it’s ill-advised to believe that hard work is all it takes to acquire outrageous “success.”

Maybe the timing is wrong. Maybe Fortune is taking a nap or lacks imagination.

Hard work may or may not be an element in success. But Lady Fortune is always at the helm. Always.

We — honest, non-cheaters — can’t control outcomes. We can only control the actions we choose to take.

Then, if Lady Fortune is awake, she might favor us.

The fact is: She probably won’t, so we cannot ever let outcomes define our worth.

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